YogiToes Skidless Towel & Mats

Yoga, since the past, has been the main source of attaining mental and physical peace within oneself. We have seen that the practitioners use a towel, to spread over the yoga mat. These YogiToes Skidless Towel & Mats help to prevent slipping no matter how much you sweat or move.

Yogi Toes Skidless Mat

Yogi Toes feature Skidless technology which uses silicon nubs that helps to grip your mat and keep you in place. A Yogitoes Yoga Towels is an absorbent, hygienic layer which when placed on the yoga mat, prevents you from slipping.

Yogi Toes Skidless Mat

How Do I Stop Sweat Slipping On Yoga Mat?

While practicing yoga, often we sweat and it becomes very difficult at times to hold grip and remain in position. Therefore, to prevent sweat slipping, the friction between the hands and the mat needs to be increased. Yogitoes Yoga Towels, because of the presence of silicon nubs, stops sweat from slipping.

Can I Use Yoga Towel Instead Of Yoga Mat?

It is always preferred to use a towel on the yoga mat. Yogi Toes Skidless Mat provides a towel that stops sweat slipping and it is mostly used by all. In the recent time, there has been a high demand for Yogitoes Yoga Towels

What Is The Best Type Of Mat For Yoga?

The Best type of mats for yoga are Amazon Basics 13mm extra thick exercise mats which are perfect for home or studio use. It is a high-quality mat that not only defines your personal workspace but also provides an extra layer of cushioning between your toes and the floor.

What Is Yogi Toes Towel?

Previously, there were towels, which were used during yoga practices but they could not stop sweat slipping. Then, a special type of towel was introduced, Yogitoes Yoga Towels, which prevented sweat slipping because of the presence of silicon nubs layer. It is basically an absorbent layer that provides the necessary friction.

Yogi Toes Towel

How To Wash Yogi Toes Towel?

It is recommended you perform a machine wash with cold water and like colors tumble dry low or hang dry. One must not use bleach. It is also recommended not to use dryer sheets, fabric softeners because they will make the surface of the Yogitoes Yoga Towels slick.

How Do I Care For My Yogi Toes Towel?

You must follow the following steps to take care of your Yogitoes Yoga Towels:

  • Avoid rolling the Yoga Toes Towel with the yoga mat.
  • Try not to bleach or using any kind of fabric softeners while washing.
  • Wash the towel in cold water.

Why Do My Hands Keep Slipping On My Yoga Mat?

It is very natural to sweat while doing exercise or practicing yoga. This results in sweaty palms and feet, which makes it difficult to grip on the yoga towel. The friction between your hand and the mat decreases due to sweat, and this is the reason why your hands keep slipping on the YogiToes Skidless Towel & Mats.

Yogitoes Yoga Towels help to prevent slipping effectively no matter how much you sweat. The patented Skidless technology uses silicone nubs to grip the mat. It has been of great help and this Yogitoes Yoga towel is being in use all over the world.

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