Yoga Wheel For Back Pain: No More Struggle For Difficult Yoga Pose

Yoga Wheel For Back Pain: No More Struggle For Difficult Yoga Pose. Do you want to modify your yoga pose with an amazing prop?  Here is your support system which will work in your therapeutic yoga.  The yoga wheel is the most current innovation in yoga which is getting great reviews because of its capability to stretch up your tight shoulders and open up front body parts while slowly releasing your stress in the back.

A yoga wheel is an incredible tool that is a must-have in the yoga prop collection. Here are a few tips on therapeutic usage of yoga wheels. Whoever you are a yoga-pro, a yoga newbie, a runner, a bodybuilder or an officer worker…this ‘wheely’ good is for everybody!

Lets explore to know more!

Do Yoga Wheels Help Back Pain?

 Yoga Wheel is basically a hollow and circular shaped accessory which has been designed to release lower back pain, support stretching and improve flexibility. 

How Do You Use A Yoga Wheel For Back Pain?

There are four amazing yoga-wheel exercises or poses to use yoga wheel for back pain-

  • Easy pose (reclining): It is a cross-legged classic position which gives confidence to steady breath and a strong mind. This reclined version of yoga wheel helps to incorporate a guarded chest-opening backbend which helps in relieving tension between your shoulders.
  • Fish pose (wheel-assisted): It is an outstanding backbend chest-opening pose which helps to stretch the shoulder and pectoral muscles. If you find this particular pose is not easy to balance, you can modify this pose by placing your feet on the floor, hip-distance apart and bending your knees.
  • Child’s pose (wheel-assisted):  It is a restful classic pose which helps to stretch your thighs, low back portion and hips in a calm and accessible way. While you are using the yoga wheel during this pose, reaching the arms in forward on above the raised surface of the wheel, you will experience a superb stretch through your chest and shoulders.
  • Yoga wheel crow pose: crow pose requires a huge body balance and awareness. The good thing is, the technicalities in crow pose on yoga wheel are indistinguishable to original pose, but the bad thing is , it needs even more control and balance.

How Do You Increase Wheel Pose Strength?

There are some stretches and poses which help to strengthen your spine, shoulders, chest and thighs preparing your body for wheel pose-

  • Low lunge quadriceps stretch
  • Cobra ( Bhujangasana )
  • Bridge ( Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
  • Bow (Dhanurasana)
  • Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Camel (Ustrasana)
  • Dolphin (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)

How Will You Choose The Best Yoga Wheel For You?

Beyond price and style, the most important factors that come under consideration are that whether it can hold up your weight, the material by which it is made up of or it has any comfy padded exterior side. The material which used to make the wheel should be high quality since this can be the first thing in which the cheaper material can be used. 

When you are going to purchase a yoga wheel, you will instinctively know your likes and dislikes. Maximum wheels have the ability to hold hundreds of pounds so as long as you are not purchasing a 10 dollar item, you will be absolutely safe.

Different sizes of yoga wheels

Simply put, there are three different standard sizes of yoga wheels-

Diameter6″ Diameter10″ Diameter12″ – 13″ Diameter
Width5″ Width6″ Width6″-7″ Width
AdvantageSmall yoga wheels provide the deepest stretch and highest pressure level. It can also be used to sustain poses for beginners.These are extremely good to roll out the sore muscles. For example, if you use this small yoga wheel placed under your back thigh as a front support or during a lunge to support you  to begin deepening the back bends.Medium yoga wheels offers moderately deep stretch and slightly high pressure massage.These wheels are good for short people or for anyone who is willing to move deeper into the back bend but is not exactly ready to go without any support of the yoga wheel.Large yoga wheel offers a great support to back bends. It is amazing for the use of average to tall people  with limited flexibility.It can be used for back bends, deeper poses, and it can help you in both beginner and advanced asanas.

See Before You Are Buying:

Are you looking for the best yoga wheel for you? If you do not want to put a lot of money in buying a good yoga wheel, you can opt for the budget-friendly one. A good yoga wheel always targets the core muscles and increases strength and balance.

You have to be sure; on the other hand, it should be medium-sized, lightweight and aesthetically enjoyable. Yoga wheel reviews include a bunch of different types of yoga wheels of various shapes and sizes, styles and colours, three in one or two in one pack, and some high-end deals. At first, decide your budget and needs, then you will be able to come to a decision which one will improve the style and quality of your yoga sessions by rising flexibility and strengthening the whole body.

We have researched in different online platforms like in Amazon to find a variety of yoga wheels so that you can have for yourself. Here is the listing of the best yoga wheels for you-

Dharma Yoga Wheel :

Yoga Wheel For Back Pain: No More Struggle For Difficult Yoga Pose
Yoga Wheel For Back Pain: No More Struggle For Difficult Yoga Pose

Dharma yoga wheel is made in USA. This is a spine roller and back ring stretching equipment. It has foam padding for deeper Poses in circle​design.


STRENGTH:  It features solid design which can withstand up to 580 lbs. This yoga kit is         designed to be life proof, can withstand the most difficult yoga poses. The best and original yoga ring​which will support under any circumstances, appear no further than Dharma Yoga Wheel.

            QUALITY:  Every yoga wheel has passed stringent quality check and much time in   advancement with discussion among yoga experts. This kind of yoga circle​is beautifully crafted to great standards. 

           COMPACTNESS:  This yoga wheel can be stored in your carryon baggage, and it is expediently compact for travelling purposes. Better yet, it is engineered from the material which is ultra lightweight and can make the transporting of this yoga ring trouble-free.

          CORE STRENGTH:  Dharma yoga spine wheel​helps to align back muscles and support to reinforce your core. Dharma yoga roller is perfect for stretching upper body with super comfortable padding inside, many consumers have used it as the spine roller ​to find relief after long day sitting in front of the computer.


  • Available in numerous fun styles
  • Extremely thick TPE cushioning on outside
  • It can hold around 500 lbs 
  • You can return the item if you are not completely happy- 100% guaranteed satisfaction 
  • Made up of eco-friendly materials


Colours are not vibrant according to purchase


Plexus Chirp Wheel:

Plexus Chirp Wheel:
Plexus Chirp Wheel

Plexus chirp wheel is a 10’’ deep tissue plexus wheel which gives comfort in back Pain, relieves strain to muscles and ligaments. It also stretches and strengthens core muscles, helps to prevent herniated/bulging discs, osteoporosis and arthritis.

STRENGTH: It helps in stretching and also massage the lumbar and thoracic region of muscles improves flexibility , strength, and balance. It has a influential preventative effect which can reduce the chances of heavy injury and helps the muscles to hold up against the strain. The tissue wheels have an injection moulded rigid core area that can hold up to 510lbs.

 QUALITY:  Plexus chirp wheel has to pass through hardcore quality control check before coming in the market. Afterwards, some improvements have been implemented to it.

COMPACTNESS: They are moderately compact for travelling; ideal for home or studio sessions.

CORE STRENGTH: It helps to strengthen spine muscles which gives support discs and also relieves pressure on nerve roots or spinal cord and may reduce the continued or bulge leakage. Chirp wheels modify the curvature of spine as well as improve posture. It helps to restore the S-curve ensuing in lessened strain.

Chirp wheel helps to prevent some functional uneasiness such as building up of scar tissues, tightening of muscles and joint or muscle spasms and they may also help in preventing such common conditions like Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Herniated or bulging discs.


  • It comes in three sizes
  • Thick ½ inch padding
  • Special grooves to avoid spinal pressure
  • 100% customer satisfaction else money back 
  • Acts as soft foam roller
  • Easy to storage  and lightweight 


  • Padding seems to be extremely thick 
  • Available only in single color
  • Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel:

Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel:

Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel:
Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel:

Here is an ideal selection of yoga wheel which is large enough and so strong to give proper stability. This wheel is durable comfy with yoga strap.

STRENGTH:   This item is produced from the greatest class of natural cork; thus a great choice for guaranteed prolonged use. Furthermore, you can pick your suitable size option for your own yoga session. 

QUALITY:  There is a quality control technical team who approves its quality checking its quality and advises if there is any improvement needed. 

COMPACTNESS: It has a very lightweight portable and transportable design to use in any place.

CORE STRENGTH: It has total 16 rejuvenating and soothing poses that aids to  enhance the flexibility. Natural cork material is used here which is Eco-friendly and sustainable. Pete’s Choice Cork Wheel is finely designed and beautifully crafted which makes the ultimate luxurious yoga kit for studio sessions. You can improve yoga posture and release muscle tension and  back pain while deepening stretches.


  • It is made up of sturdy ABS material
  • Well-built construction


  • It would have some more color options too.
  • Sometimes screech with extreme amount of pressure and weight 
  • UpCircle Seven Yoga Wheel 12 x 5 Inches:

UpCircle Seven Yoga Wheel 12 x 5 Inches:

UpCircle Seven Yoga Wheel 12 x 5 Inches:
UpCircle Seven Yoga

Up circle seven yoga wheel is a fantastic option of a large size yoga wheels (12 x 5-inches). More fascinatingly, this product has an amazing closed-cell technology padding system that helps to hinder moisture accumulation.

STRENGTH:  This item is built up of the great quality PVC material, making it suitable to serve you for a longer time period. In addition, this unit has 550lbs load capacity that is suitable for all ages of consumers.

QUALITY:  This yoga wheel passes through the quality control check before coming in hand of the customers.  If there is any betterment required, technical team does it.

COMPACTNESS: With extreme lightweight and travel-friendly design, this product is very easy to carry for using outdoors.

 CORE STRENGTH: Furthermore, this product aids to elevate your regular practice and perfect to manage back pain. It is available in myriad colors so that you can pick  up your favourite color option according to your need. This product also aids in performing backbends and poses easily with safety. Its great design and quality cushions your feet, palms, and back providing notable sense of comfort.


  • Available in numerous colors and styles 
  • Extra comfortable thick padding outside the wheel
  • Durable ; can hold up to 550 lbs
  • Naturally antimicrobial cork
  • Sweat resistant technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Does not keep odors 


It does not include any instruction manual.

ATIVAFIT  Yoga Wheels :

ATIVAFIT  Yoga Wheels
ATIVAFIT  Yoga Wheels

Ativafit is a sports yoga wheel suitable for back pain. To enhance backbends and flexibility, there is a great choice under consideration which offers you better stretching and also reduces back pain- ATIVAFIT Yoga Wheels (13 x 5 inches).

STRENGTH:  Additionally, this kind of yoga wheel is extraordinarily crafted with the greatest quality of TPE material (eco-friendly) that gives the guarantee of great longevity and stability. Whereas, it offers the maximum load capacity 220lbs preferable for most of the users.

Quality: Every wheel has passed strict quality checking to maintain its great standards.

 COMPACTNESS: Additionally, this wheel has a portable lightweight design to carry in most          places. This wheel also offers useful muscle relief and helps in massaging core body muscles.

CORE STRENGTH: It is made up of TPE (eco-friendly) instead of using poor PVC which is safe, stable, durable, comfortable and odorless. It can protect your back, feet and palms while doing difficult poses, providing fully relaxed and safe experience.  Give credit to its extremely superior 6mm padding and sweat resistence system!! Your yoga set will be free from dirt and sweat and will not retain any kind of awful odour.


  • Available in 3 varieties of set
  • It is made up of eco-friendly TPE material
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Sweat resistant


Extremely thin padding among all

Which One Should You Finally Invest In?

All of the above yoga wheels have more or less the same features but they are different in their material, strength, rigidity, and flexibility. After comparing them, we have come to a conclusion that ‘Dharma Yoga Wheel’ is the most suitable and cheap yoga wheel among all. It has a great design and padding quality. Among the rest of the wheels, you can also pick ‘ATIVAFIT Yoga Wheels’ due to its extraordinary features though it is costlier than any other yoga wheels.

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