Yoga Trapeze Reviews: Which one is the Best Yoga Trapeze for you?

Staying fit and flexible is always in fashion. To stay healthy, you have to not only take care of your diet but also have to ensure that you are doing the right kind of exercise. 

As you must be aware, yoga is a great way not only to stay calm but also to stay fit. After all, when your body is relaxed and healthy, your happiness quotient goes up a few notches.

Yoga Trapeze Reviews: Which one is the Best Yoga Trapeze for you?
Yoga Trapeze Reviews

If you are someone who likes to go behind the general flow, you can try yoga but in a different way. Anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga is a great exercise form. Christopher Harrison was the first to popularize the form in 2007. Since then more and more people have tried it out and have reaped benefits. All you need is a positive and the right set of yoga trapeze. 

Is yoga trapeze a good workout?

A swing-like tool that helps the users to hang from it in a number of yoga postures is called yoga trapeze. It is actually a contraption that enables a person to use the bodyweight as well as the gravity to:

  • Core strength
  • Flexibility
  • Strength of upper body
  • Strengthening the muscles

Thus, with a yoga trapeze, you are sure to improve your body strength and flexibility.

Yoga Trapeze Reviews: Which one is the Best Yoga Trapeze for you?
Yoga Trapeze Reviews

Buying Guide

When you look at the various options available in the market, you are bound to get a bit confused to find out What is the best yoga trapeze.

 With this comprehensive buying guide, you will know what features to look out for before deciding upon your choice:

  • Weight capacity : This is a very important point to keep in mind. The yoga trapeze of your choice should be sturdy enough to hold at least 350 lbs.
  • The Material of the swing:  The yoga trapeze or the swing should be made up of superior quality materials. Parachute quality materials are generally stronger than most. This will also ensure that the trapeze lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Should be easy to set up :Having ease of setting up is another crucial factor. You want to set up the entire thing with as minimum hassle as possible.
  • Gym-grade accessories: Be it hooks or handles; each accessory should be gym-grade. So, when you are working out at home you are as safe as in a monitored gym.
  • Easy to carry: If a carry bag is given, it will be quite easy to not only carry the yoga trapeze but also to store it securely.
  • Warranty: If the brand provides a warranty, it will be an added benefit.
  • Hassle-free maintenance: To maintain a yoga trapeze it should not take too much work. An easy to use and maintain trapeze is always a great choice.
  • Practical designs: The yoga trapeze of your choice should be practical in nature. It should have the right design for your needs – neither too much nor too little.
  • The Reputation of the brand: Though not always, but the reputation of the brand also plays a key role in the decision-making process. The logic is quite simple – the company that has been loved and trusted by so many before you is bound to perform well for you as well.
  • Price point: The price of the yoga trapeze should match with you budget. So, make sure to check out the price along with the features.

Make sure you have these pointers in mind while you make up your mind regarding which yoga trapeze will be the best fit for you. \

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Which is the best yoga trapeze for you?

Well, expand your search by typing, yoga trapeze Amazon, you will find numerous options. But which one is the best fit for you? 

To ensure that you do away with all kinds of confusion with regard to the best tool as well as knowing basic requirements like how to hang yoga trapeze, continue reading.

How high should a yoga trapeze be?

This is a very basic question. If you hang it from the rafters of your 8 ft. ceiling, it should work fine. Or else, you are thinking of working out outdoors, you can opt for the stands that are 9 ft. 8 inches in the case of YogaBody.  

Where can I hang a yoga trapeze?

Well, this question is extremely crucial. You will be able to hang a yoga trapeze from rafters or beams. Just make sure that they are sturdy enough. However, if you want to work out outdoors, you can hang on an exposed beam as well.

1. YogaBody Naturals Yoga Trapeze

Arguably the most powerful as well as stimulating among all the yoga trapezes available in the market, YogaBody yoga trapeze gives you instant spinal traction along with deep yoga backbends. You will also be able to improve your core and upper body strength. With this inversion tool, you are sure to gain flexibility as well.

Working closely with Paul Gaylon, a senior nutritional formulator, Lucas Rockwood founded YogaBody Naturals. The aim was to design a contraption tool for the aching bodies of the students at the yoga studio.

Why should you opt for YogaBody?

  • If you want your spine to heal and breathe.
  • If you want the muscles surrounding your spinal cord to strengthen as well as loosen.
  • It is extremely easy to set up this trapeze. The free set up guide as well as the tutorials available on the website makes your ‘how to hang a yoga trapeze’ worries get erased in a jiffy. 
  • If you want to get relief from your back pain, inversion therapy will work amazingly for you. By hanging upside down, you achieve instant traction on your spinal cord which ensures that more space is created between your vertebrae. 
  • You will be able to improve your backbends. With passive and inverted backbends, you will be able to hold particular yoga positions for longer periods of time without any tiredness. Hence, you will achieve greater flexibility in the upper and mid-back as well as the chest area. People mostly get stuck in these areas during their yoga practice. 

In which ways does it work?

The YogaBody yoga trapeze works mainly in 3 ways:

  • Traction:

A natural and bodyweight traction is created by it. Be assured that it is the safest as well as most effective amongst all other kinds of tractions.

  • Flexibility:

This yoga trapeze allows you to do the deepest as well as safest backbend that is possible without any kind of assistance. All you will have to do is to just hang backwards while grabbing your ankles and relax.

  • Core and back strengthening:

The inverted and gravity resistance training ensures that you get dynamic as well as deep core strength. 

Key features and benefits:

  • Get instant spinal cord traction and relief from back pain.
  • Get pose flexibility with the ease of backbends.
  • Excellent professional grade quality:
  • Made of 100% nylon material (parachute material fabric) that has been stress-tested to be able to support 600 lbs
  • Gym-grade grip rubber handles
  • Rock-climber grade carabiners on slings and handles
  • Get 10 years of warranty on all the parts of the yoga trapeze. If any mechanical problem arises, either the particular part or the entire thing will be replaced.
  • You will be able to try many different yoga poses:
  • Banana Man
  • The ‘Trapeze’ Pigeon
  • Trapeze Resting Pose
  • You will be getting:
  • One main sling
  • Two handle sets (total of 3 in each set)
  • Four carabiners
  • Two climber-strength knotted ropes for hanging
  • A drawstring carrying bag for either storing or carrying outside for practice

Though this product is not available on Amazon, you can easily find it if you look up yoga trapeze for sale.

2. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing

Yoga Trapeze Reviews: Which one is the Best Yoga Trapeze for you?
Yoga Trapeze Reviews

Founded by two registered nurses with the goal of solving the problem of back pain naturally, UpCircleSeven is a great choice for the people who are looking for a convenient yoga trapeze. Specializing in accessories of inversion yoga form, UpCircleSeven is committed to providing the users with the best possible experience.

Why should you opt for UpCircleSeven?

  • This swing set is exclusively made for the decompression of the spinal cord that will help in back pain healing.
  • If you want a yoga trapeze that has been tested on thousands of people.
  • If you want to heal your spine and back naturally.
  • The setting up of this trapeze is fairly easy. All the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • The safety of the users is the primary concern.
  • This available in a number of color options on Amazon.

In which ways does it help?

  • Gaining flexibility sooner
  • Relief from back pain sooner
  • Performing backbends perfectly

Key features and benefits:

  • A maximum load of 550 lbs can be supported
  • Made up of studio-quality materials
  • The fabric is triple stitched for improved user safety
  • The fabric is high-quality nylon material
  • The swing is 8 ft in height and 5 ft in breadth
  • The foam-padded handles are 25% thicker and larger
  • Fairly affordable in price

3 INTEY Aerial Yoga Swing

Yoga Trapeze Reviews: Which one is the Best Yoga Trapeze for you?
Yoga Trapeze Reviews

Be it pressure or pain in your neck or back, the INTEY Aerial Yoga Swing with its hammock style is for those yoga enthusiasts who do not want to compromise on their safety. The aerial silk is fun as well as safe.

Key features and benefits:

  • Flexible usage as a professional studio tool as well as being home-friendly makes it a great buy for numerous people.
  • This can be used in multiple ways – like a hammock as well as a yoga sling. The two sturdy extension straps make it quite easy to set it up on any exposed rafter or beam. 
  • The four alloy hooks that connect the seat with the two arms make it extremely safe as well as easy to assemble.
  • The maximum weight that can be supported is 450 lbs.
  • It is made up of parachute material and polyester taffeta.
  • The users get 24 months of buyer assurance along with lifetime support.
  • It is quite cheap in comparison to the other options.

4 YogaBody Yoga Trapeze Pro

Yoga Trapeze Reviews

With this YogaBody trapeze too, you will be able to achieve instant spinal cord traction as well as decompressing your discs in a natural way. Moreover, you will also be able to relax tensed trigger points and muscles. All the other basic benefits remain the same as that of YogaBody Naturals one.

Key features and benefits:

  • This beautiful and ultra-light
  • Made from professional grade materials
  • The fabric can be washed in the washing machine
  • Can be set up and adjusted with just one clip
  • The daily chain straps are included in the package
  • The maximum weight of 600 lbs can be supported
  • The setup videos are given for free
  • The users also get free beginners videos as well as pose charts (in pdf format)
  • Comes in a breathable mesh bag
  • Is available in a few color options
  • Highly ranked on Amazon
  • Priced quite a bit on the higher side

Which Yoga Trapeze is the most suitable for you?

Yoga trapezes are indeed great tools for not only getting relief from bodily aches but also for attaining that much-needed strength and flexibility. If you are looking for a compact and affordable option,  INKEY will be a great choice. However, if you can afford to spend a bit more, UpCircleSeven will suit you great. All said and done, if you want your yoga trapeze to have style as well as great features, YogaBody will be your best bet. 

Without any further delay, get yoga trapezing!

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