Your Yoga practice may have moderate use of different props to make the experience, and the yoga poses better. Yoga mats, D-Ring, and other yoga props help the yogis to try various and difficulty poses quickly. Hot yoga mat towels can be a great collection to your yoga props, either you are a pro yoga practitioner or even if you are a newbie.

Most of the yoga towels available in the market are typically in the size of the yoga mats. The texture is very soft, and the material is very absorbent. Thus, it can be an excellent substitute for your yoga mat. Many people prefer to use the hot yoga mat towels along with yoga mats.

Others use the yoga towels to keep themselves sweat-free during exercise. If you are looking for buying one such yoga towel for yourself, here are the best ones that you can prefer.


Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towel:


If you are someone like me who sweats a lot during exercising, this yoga towel is made for you. The nonpermeable and hypoallergic yoga grip towel will not only help to keep your body and sin dry, but your yoga mat will also be clean and dry until the end. The towel is made of super-absorbent microfibers and can absorb twice more moisture than the regular yoga towels. The towel has another quality of drying earlier than the rest of the daily yoga towels.

The size of this yoga grip towel is equal to your yoga mat. Thus, you can use them together. This yoga towel is washable in the machine, and you don’t have to bother to wash it with your hands. There is a wide range of colors and sizes available for this yoga towel and yoga practitioners widely respect it. You can trust the brand and the quality of this product.


Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel:


The yoga towel we are talking about now has thicker and plusher build. Thus, it is more absorbent than the other towels that you have been using since long to date. This towel is also made of microfibers and is very soft. This is lightweight, and you can carry it easily to everywhere. The towel has a more exceptional grip and the best part is that it dries very early.

This Yoga towel reviewed to have a soft texture which makes its user have a feel of luxury. If you want your yoga mat to have a better grip, you can use this towel by laying it over the mat.

It is better to mist the towel with water before using it for a better grip. The towel is recyclable and machine washable.

There are eight colors and many sizes available for this yoga towel. Hardcore yogis recommend this towel and they also prefer using it. Because of all the factors, this towel made its lace in our list of best yoga towels.

SHANDALI GoSweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel:

The slip-free foundation of this yoga towel helps to keep this towel in place and never slip off. No matter how sweaty are you, this yoga towel will help you to stay dry during your yoga practice. The product is made of high-quality material and is super durable. Thus, you can expect this yoga towel to be with you until the longest time possible.

This is the best non-slip yoga towel and is ultra-soft. It is super absorbent and dries very quickly. Even when you are using this yoga towel with the thinnest mat, you feel the softness. You can fold this towel in a very smaller size, and thus it can be carried anywhere you are practicing your yoga. The eco ink dye of this towel keeps the color for longer and it is machine washable too.

There are two different sizes and many colors available for this yoga towel. This is even in the bestseller list of Amazon. The yogis who have reviewed this towel have also recommended this to others.

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel:

When this yoga towel is in the list of Amazon’s bestsellers, you can predict its quality, and this towel is bound to work well. This towel can hold seven times heavier liquid of its weight and also dries earliest. This is ultra-absorbent and is made of high-quality microfiber. This is slip-resistant, machine washable and it can improve the grip of your yoga mat while practicing.

There are many colors available for this yoga mat and you can choose one according to your style.  Also, you will be glad to know that the yoga towel reviews of this product are more with five stars and this is one of the most wish-listed products on Amazon.

Amazon Basics Yoga Towel:


Leaving all the brands we mentioned or picked up earlier, Amazon too has its Yoga towel and you are going to love the product completely. If you are willing to go for cheap yoga towels without spending a lot of pence while buying your yoga towel, this product can come to your savior. Though the product is merely affordable, the quality of the product is nowhere compromised.

This is the perfect blend of polyester and nylon and is super absorbent. The size is also appropriate for any yoga mat that you generally use. Thus you don’t have to think either it will fit your yoga mat or not.

Amazon provides a one-year warranty along with the product. People who bought this suggest this product as it is value for money and the soft and non-slip surface of this yoga towel gets you an enjoyable yoga time experience.


Either you want to spend a very nominal amount, or you are looking for something expensive but classy, this list probably has them all. You can choose your yoga mat according to your choice of texture, color, material and durability.

All the yoga towels mentioned above will be appropriate for giving you utmost comfort and they all are the perfect combination of grip and softness. Yoga towels are the must-have for you when yoga is your staple exercise. Thus, you can get any of the above right away.

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