YOGA TOE SOCKS REVIEW From 1920s to 1930s yoga was been popular in US because of the Indian immigrants who came to United States. In 1970s, Americans started practicing yoga after hippie movement. Now a day, Yoga has been popular over gym and regular exercise.

Give freedom to your feet and maintain hygiene in the yoga mat! 

To find the right yoga socks depends on your personal needs. Yoga socks are practically more useful than you are thinking, acting as the gripper sock to stay more stable for a longer time. 

They are not only grippy but also they keep protecting and giving warmth to your feet. It makes comfortable during intense sessions of workout.  Yoga socks are broadly classified in two ways- Toeless and Toe socks.

Let’s see, what the basic difference between them is!

Toeless vs Toe socks

Yoga toeless socksYoga toe socks
After wearing toeless socks, you will feel barefoot sensation.In toe socks, you will be able to feel the floor.
It will keep your toe and soles fresh and dry.Toe socks will give you little warmth that is why there will be a chance of sweating.
If you are not habituated to wear toeless socks, little bit constriction may be felt as toes are hugged by fabric. This will take a bit time to get used to.The shape of most of the yoga toe socks are very common in which you are already used to.

You will feel more comfortable in toeless socks than toe socks if you are getting habituated. The fabric, style, design and soothe is much better in toeless socks than toe socks.

 Here are the various kinds of toeless socks and their usage.

What are toeless socks used for?

Toeless socks are not only used for yoga sessions for their grippy designs but also there are some everyday wear cute pairs which protect your feet from blisters and chafing when paired up with pump and  booties. 

They are hygienic and warm option while doing your pedicure at salon. There are so many designs from crew socks to low-cut liners with front open design. 


A Guide Before Buying Your Pair Of Yoga Socks

You can purchase yoga socks (toe socks / toeless socks) from many sports outlets dedicated for yoga supplies. But how will you choose the best pair of yoga socks in the market?

 Always try to choose socks with pores or mitten-type in which your toes will be held securely.

While buying yoga socks, it is true that you can save your pocket by choosing from anonymous online retail giant but you are basically opting for inferior products.

 In case of online purchase, you always should have the idea that you are purchasing your products from a trustworthy seller.

 Take time to research for great deals so that you get the best quality of product at its best price according to your affordability. Before buying your products, check out these key features of your product:

  • Product benefit:  The best way to choose any fitness related product is to be careful about its specific design for men and women. Always pick the product that caters your need. Not only the design and colors, there are some other benefits that a pair of yoga socks should have–   

1. Stretch and elasticity

2. Skin-friendly and breathable

3. Easy fittings and non-slippery

4. Presence of non-skid soft particles in soles 


Brand image : 

Brand reputation plays a key role to make the decision while purchasing your product. The brand which has a positive image and being trusted by so many customers before you will be the best choice for you as well.

Product price:

Price of the product should be within your budget range. You can filter the budget according to your affordability.

Customer rating: 

Choose your product from 4-5 star rating or with respect to good reviews. Try to refer those reviews and picture which are given by the customers.

Warranty of the product:

One of the most important documents is the warranty of the product. This is considered as the legal requisite for goods.

Easy maintenance of the product:

Always choose your product checking the maintenance procedure. It would be a great choice if you pick an easy or low maintenance pair of socks.

What Are The Best Yoga Socks?

Purchasing from the companies like Amazon has many advantages. There is no requirement to go to a physical shop when you are having the access to the vast inventory of collections. Instead of searching thousands of items, you can have all your requirements in a single place.

The best thing about purchasing Yoga socks online is that it will be delivered straight to your place either at office or house.  In maximum cases, you do not need to give shipping charges on a certain amount. 

There are six different pairs of the best grippy yoga socks which are worth picking-

1.Ozaiic Non-Slip Grips & Straps Yoga Socks


These women yoga toe socks are designed to hold the poses for longer time period. Here a kind of grip-focused design is used to stay balanced. 

It also spreads out the toes for excellent support. The blend of cotton and rayon in your heel will give you extreme comfort and natural fibre means that it helps to absorb sweat effectively and  help in gripping for longer time period. 

The base of these grippy socks is also a natural rubber, which increases durability and improves on the whole stretch of design while walking.

  • Material : Cotton and rayon
  • Shape: Cut-out
  • Advantage: Grip
  • Size: Free size for women

Key features:

  • Extremely modernized design
  • Reduces sweating
  • Made up of natural fibres
  • Suitable for yoga mat and floor

2.Gaiam Toeless Grippy Non Slip Stick Yoga Socks

Gaiam grippy socks have half toe pattern which makes them ideal to get maximum traction among a huge variety of socks types. It keeps your soles enclosed at the same time it lets the free movement of your toes, helping in precise motions . 

It helps you to keep cooler than using the full-foot design. Anyways, they are multi-use to use in a wide variety of activities and yoga. It helps in barre to plates to individual moves like downward dog. 

These kind of socks are generally made from cotton and small quantity of nylon. This combining level of comfort with durability will give you an immense balance.

  • Material : Cotton and nylon
  • Shape:  Half-toe covered
  • Advantage: Easy movement
  • Size: Available in 3 sizes Small / Medium / Large

Key features: 

  1. Opening at toe areas gives extreme breathability
  2.  Made up of the blend of soft cotton and nylon
  3.   Useful for a wide range of activities
  4.  Will protect the sole of your feet
  5.  More hygienic than being barefoot

3.Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks


This kind of non-slippery yoga socks are designed to give you sufficient grip on any surface, each and every pair being better in holding onto the flat flooring without risk of any slipping over. 

Hygiene-focused designing will prevent your feet to come in contact with any unhygienic thing, and presence of 90% cotton in every sock removes and absorbs sweat faster than any other socks. 

To prevent from slipping over, each and every sock has the bottom section in  which 100% pure form of silicone particles have been used, adding more gripping without weigh down your socks or adding the full comfort which will keep you balanced or extensively supported during the yoga session.

  • Material : 90% Cotton 
  • Shape: Regular
  • Advantage: Strong Grip and flexibility
  • Size: Available in 3 sizes Small / Medium / Large

Key features:

  • Very comfortable and flexible
  • Gives stability
  • Helps to remove sweat easily
  • Very easy to maintain and store
  • Gives extra hygiene to your soles

4.lululemon barre socks

These sweat-wicking, breathable socks are so perfect if you are doing hot yoga. They will give you grippy soles  and extra cushioning, so that your feet won’t slide over when you are sweating out. 

These are very lightweight socks designed  for running and doing yoga. It has micro-cushioning in toe and heel for your soothe during the sweatiest workout. It is made up of  mesh of naturally breathable fabric . 

Its sweat-wicking yarns keep you dry and cool. A specific technology is used here. It inhibits the further growth of odour-causing pathogens on socks (by X-STATIC). Seamless construction will be seen at the toe to lessen bulk.

  • Material : 70% Nylon, 19% Polyester, 6% Lyrcra Elastane, 5% X-static.
  • Shape: Regular
  • Advantage: Strong Grip and flexibility
  • Size: Available in Small /Medium = 5-7, Medium/Large =7.5-10 (For women)

Key features: 

  •  Gives extra cushioning
  • Very lightweight and flexible
  • Helps to remove sweat easily
  • Very easy to breathe
  • Useful in sweatiest workouts
  • Toesox multipack grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks

5.Toesox multipack grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks


These are very grippy socks suitable for Pilates or other exercises. Here a non-slip grip has been used to keep your soles stable on the smooth surface. Independent toe texture is designed in such a way that helps to spread natural foot and allows for movement like you are in bare feet, with the help of the mostly-cotton spread to get better comfort and motion of fluid motion further. 

The rear band of these socks helps to give better arching support for complex movements. It reduces the chance of twisting materials or bunching in embarrassed way which can throw off the movement when you are trying to be focused.

  • Material : Cotton and elastane
  • Shape: Regular
  • Advantage:  Arching support
  • Size: Available in Extra Small- Extra Large sizes

Key features: 

  • Perfectly suitable for yoga mat
  • Gives fast and complex movements
  • Non-slippery texture gives extra grip
  • Very easy to move your toes and spreading

   6.   Wander G Non Slip Skid Yoga Socks

These non slip skid socks give extra constancy and balance while you are keeping yourself in standing position during some difficult movements of yoga. 

More improvements to standard yoga sock fashion means that you are more to be expected to drop over thanks to dots in the bottom. The upper portion uses opened-up design and low-cut which can give you the maximum flexibility  and breathability while keeping your yoga socks safe, hygienic and reliable. 

Because of having an  open section, these socks can hold really well . It can also absorb the sweat very quickly leaving your feet dry , offering a heat management technology in  such a way that the most market available sock designs cannot.

  • Material : Cotton 
  • Shape: Opened upper portion and low cut
  • Advantage:  Heat management technology
  • Size: Available in small/medium/large sizes

Key features: 

  • Exclusively breathable
  • Presence of grippy dots at the bottom
  • Non-slippery and flexible
  • Sweat management
  • Heat management

7.LA Active Grip Pilates Barre Ballet Yoga Socks


Barre ballet yoga socks are a kind of grip-focused socks which will give you the high comfort level and stability. It makes every kind of exercise easier and keeps your soles secure to  ground level, letting your toes and feet more cool, flexible and  always ready for movement at  moment’s notice. 

Some improved kind of materials make it more comfy than the other socks. In maximum cases, the fabric is blend of soft cotton material having very less quantity of polyester. It adds  extra strength, gripping and durability in each step. They are come in gender-neutral design that is why they can be worn easily by anyone (Male or female), gives extra stretch to fit in a wide range of sizes without any damage to the  yoga socks.

  • Material : Cotton , polyester and good amount of improved material
  • Shape: Semi-opened design
  • Advantage: Excellent gripping
  • Size: Available in small/medium/large sizes
  • Key features:  Easily breathable
  • Excellent gripping ; securing to ground level
  •  Non-slippery and flexible
  • Unisex design
  • Durable 

Which yoga sock is the best choice for you?

Donnalynn Civello , a New York based yoga instructor said that yoga socks will give you an extra grip when you are lacking the right yoga mat or you are not habituated in balancing the energy on four corners of feet. Once you begin developing your yoga postures, you should not require them anymore. 

If you are looking for an comfortable option , ‘Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks’ or ‘Wander G Non Slip Skid Yoga Socks’ will be a great choice for you. If you can spend a bit more , ‘lululemon barre socks’ will give you some extra benefits. ‘Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks’  is the most suitable for flexibility and durability.  What are you waiting for? 

To increase your confidence in yoga mat immediately buy a pair of yoga socks and enjoy your yoga sessions. 

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