What Are The Best Alternatives When You Don’t Have A Yoga Mat?

Avoiding your yoga practice because of not having a yoga mat is positively not OK. As for those who ask what to use when you don’t have a yoga mat, you don’t need to worry anymore as there are a number of alternatives available that offer the same support that a yoga mat does.

However, these alternative yoga mats might not be ideal for a longer period, but for now, you can use them to continue with the yoga activities.

Still, wondering what are these alternatives? Read here.

Top 15 Alternatives To A Yoga Mat


A bed is not just limited to provide you a good night sleep but it can also be used as yoga pop. Well, it is not recommended to practice yoga on bed on a regular basis, but a little warm-up with simple exercises like breathing and twists can be performed if you don’t have any other option.

Doing asanas like headstands or handstands on a bed can cause problems to body as the bed’s surface is excessively delicate for them. A bed is ideal to perform only those yoga poses that include calming sequence, meditation, and lying down.

2.Wooden Floor

Wooden floors can also be used for yoga if you are comfortable doing it on a place without any cushioning down there. Wooden floors provide a good grip and also help you to balance while performing yoga. However, you can have problem while performing poses that include kneeling down; else you can do all other yoga poses on such floors.

3.Yoga Chair

A yoga chair is the best alternative for those who are not allowed or have difficulty in lying down on the floor. Uniquely designed to offer comfort, yoga chairs support your back and give you the freedom to practice different yoga postures.

Additionally, if you use a yoga chair, you can sit and relax while performing yoga and can also carry yoga chairs while travelling as they most of the yoga chairs are foldable.

4.Yoga Strap

Yoga straps are an outstanding prop to make your stretch practice safer, simpler, and accessible. They are compact in size, lightweight and tailor made according to various body types and goals. If you are a learner, using a yoga strap will not only make your practice advanced yet additionally more enjoyable. They help you stretch better and can be effortlessly carried while traveling.

5.Yoga Block

No matter what your experience level is, a yoga block is an excellent tool to boost your practice. These foamy and padded blocks make yoga poses more accessible by providing length, assuring proper alignment, and offering great support. They are lightweight, offer extreme support to the joints even in more advanced postures, and safeguard you from possible injuries.

what to use when you don’t have a yoga mat

6.Yoga Gloves and Socks

Having an ideal grip is quite possibly the main thing for doing yoga poses perfectly. People use yoga mats for better support and grip so that their foot stay planted firmly for the yoga poses they perform. You can use yoga gloves and socks as an alternative to a yoga mat as they offer the best and impeccably firm, hence no chances of slipping and allows you to do yoga perfectly.

7.Grassy Lawns

There is nothing better than having your yoga sessions in outdoors. The blend of nature and yoga makes a total otherworldly background and is beneficial for both mind and body. Whether it is your home lawn or you are staying at a resort, the grassy lawn gives you soft landing during yoga practice and earthy massage for your bare feet. Performing yoga on green grass offers plenty of health benefits along with a view to enjoy nature.

8.Bath Mat

A bath mat can be used for a number of uses if it’s not wet and using it as a yoga prop is one of them. Bath mats are thick that shields your joints from striking on the hard floor and its anti-slip effect offers you a good grip that saves you from falling off on the floor. They are comfortable, absorbs any dampness from your hands or the surface, and can be used on any type of floor surface.

9.A Piece of Fabric

A piece of fabric can also be used as an alternative to a yoga mat. If you are a frequent traveller, it might not be possible to carry a yoga mat everywhere. In this case, yoga fabric is the best option to pack in your bag. Fold the fabric to achieve the desired thickness and get decent comfort and support for your yoga postures. is lightweight, takes minimal space, and can easily be purchased from your nearby market or Amazon.


A carpet is the most ideal alternative to a yoga mat if you do not want to invest money on a yoga mat. They are readily available at every home and offers the same comfort a yoga mat provides. Using a carpet gives an anti-slip grip, hence helps to keeping up the balance while performing yoga.

11.Folded Blanket

Folded blankets are one of the best alternatives for yoga mats. You just have to grab a pair of blankets and fold them in rectangular shape, and you have got your perfect place for yoga. This yoga mat is the best substitute if you are a beginner or out on a trip.


Quilts are tricky alternative for yoga mats. Based on the roughness or softness of the quilt, you can choose whether it would be great for your yoga needs or not. Do not pick a quilt that has excessively soft or slippery fabric as that may injure you or disturb your yoga sessions. Use a rough blanket cover top of the blanket to avoid such situations.

13.Beach Towel

The multi-purpose beach yoga towel is an effective alternative of a yoga mat. You can use a beach towel to practice yoga at the beach side and afterwar use it for a beach bath later. It eliminates all the inconvenience and excess baggage of carrying a yoga mat to the sea beach, and costs cheaper than a yoga mat.


Sitting on a yoga bolster gives your back a genuinely needed break. If you are a beginner, a bolster helps you with deep spinal stretches. With the proper vertebrae alignment, a bolster allows for taking fuller and deeper yoga breaths.

15.Last But Not the Least, A Wall

Having a clear wall space can work well as an alternative to a yoga mat. The support of a wall is extraordinarily helpful while doing yoga if you use it appropriately.

what to use when you don't have a yoga mat
what to use when you don’t have a yoga mat

The Benefits Of Alternatives Over A Yoga Mat

The alternatives for yoga mats not only serve all the purposes that a yoga mat does but also save your money, and are readily available and convenient. Most of the alternative yoga props are already available at your home saving you from the extra expense of purchasing a yoga mat.

If you are a beginner, it can be quite tough for you to find an ideal yoga mat without having prior experience with what will work best for you.

Likewise, there is no difficulty carrying the extra baggage of a yoga mat when the alternative yoga props can serve many purposes altogether, including the motivation of helping you follow your yoga schedules anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is a yoga mat a must-have to practice yoga?

No, a yoga mat is certainly not a must-have to practice yoga. The primary objective of a yoga mat is to shield you from the hard floor and from getting injured while performing your yoga poses. Therefore, any alternative that would safeguard you from injuries or sprains can ideally be used for yoga practice.

2.Is it safe to practice yoga on yoga mat alternatives?

Yes, it is safe to practice yoga on the yoga mat alternatives. The substitutes for yoga mats like your bed or blanket offer extra comfort and safety. On the other hand, options like a wooden floor can be a little hard while performing a yoga pose that includes kneeling down.

Therefore, it is always recommended to consider both the benefits and the drawbacks of using a yoga mat alternative.

3.Are the yoga mat alternatives as effective as it is?

Yes, the yoga mat alternatives can preferably replace the regular yoga mats for a yoga practice. Some of the yoga mat alternatives off extra comfort hence providing you a shield from the hard underlying floor and safeguarding you from injuries that yoga mats may do. Yoga mat alternatives are not just effective, they can also provide you with many benefits.

4.Will I face a problem if I do not carry yoga mats everywhere?

Not at all. Carrying a yoga mat everywhere with you will need extra baggage only. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize readily available alternatives for yoga mats that are convenient, easier to use, and serve your needs uprightly.

Final Thoughts

No matter the situation, if you do not have a yoga mat or wish to take your yoga practice beyond the mat, there are a number of things we use in our day-to-day routines that can be utilized as the most ideal choice for a yoga mat replacement. Given, that they should not be excessively delicate, tough, or slippery as they can affect your balance and the posture in the process. Always keep the safety issues in mind while making a decision for your best-suited yoga mat alternative.

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