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Yoga mats are fabricated mats that are generally used while practicing yoga. Its non-slip and cushion surface prevents hands and legs from slipping during workouts or yoga practice.

Although it’s totally someone’s own choice whether to use a yoga mat during exercises, it is highly appreciated because of its comfort and even when one is a part of a crowd, a bright yoga mat can make the person visually stand out from others.

It also prevents injuries and most of the new yoga mats also have antimicrobial properties which can even cover up the foul mat smell.

Why Should You Use Target Yoga Mats?

If you are a beginner and looking for a good yoga mat here’s why you should buy them from Target. You can get the high-quality yoga mats from top brands with lots of variety and they provide the perfect comfort which is just what a beginner needs and it’s why they are fans’ favorite.

Target Yoga Mat Strap

You should definitely try using the Target yoga mat strap which has just the right portability. It’s lightweight makes it easier to carry it to the yoga and fitness classes.

The multi-functional strap can also be used as a stretching strap for a warm-up and cooldowns, and can even be used to increase your flexibility. Its straps also have adjustable loops which make it easier to carry it around to prevent the unfolding of the mat.

Target Yoga Mat Strap

Why Is Yoga Important To Live A Healthy Life?

Practicing yoga is very important to keep up with a healthy life. Here are some benefits of yoga that you should know.

  • Yoga reduces stress and makes us feel good about ourselves.
  • It plays a major role in increasing self-confidence.
  • If you are trying to lose weight you can definitely try doing yoga for it.
  • It also helps in preventing insomnia.
  • It’s breathing exercises help in reconnecting the mind with the body.

Best Yoga Mats From Target You Can Use

Target Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat: the black and white Zebra print is what makes it visually stand out. The mat is constructed with thick cushioning to provide extra comfort which is what is needed during yoga and Pilates classes.

It also has a non-slip grip on the bright red side to help you with the positions and prevents slipping. Its features include a carrying handle surface and a roll-up for providing support and also making it easier to carry it to the sessions.

Target Gaiam yoga mat: the Gaiam print yoga mats from target are an excellent pick for you. These yoga mats are super durable yet they are very lightweight. It has additional cushioning which provides support to the joints during the fitness classes. It also has a sticky non-slip surface for an excellent grip and superior traction.

The stylish design and gorgeous print give another classy look and help you to be focused and motivated. The item has a 6 millimeters thickness which is neither too thick nor too thick but is just perfect to be firm with the positions.

What Is The Best Thickness For A Yoga Mat?

The perfect thickness for a yoga mat is between five to eight millimeters. Sometimes thinner mat can help in increasing the stability of certain focused positions in yoga which need more balance.

What Is The Best Thickness For A Yoga Mat
What Is The Best Thickness For A Yoga Mat

The textured surface helps in maintaining the grip strongly. But the thicker yoga mats have extra cushioning and support which is best for therapeutic yoga practices. If you prefer comfort or the surface of the floor is quite uneven then it is always better to use a mat that is thicker like six to eight millimeters.

What Is The Difference Between Yoga Mat And A Fitness Mat?

The main difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat is that the yoga mats are designed especially for the purpose of doing yoga which is a little thinner than the ones we use in the gyms. Designed for low impact exercises, their thickness lies in the middle of the firmness scale.

The thickness of the yoga mat is such that the yoga enthusiasts can feel the floor but have enough cushion so that its rough surface does not hurt the legs or joints.

Fitness and exercise mats on the other hand are somehow a little thicker than the yoga mats and are designed in such a manner that the person does not feel very close to the ground while practicing.

These mats are perfect for heavy exercises in floor-based workout sessions like abdominal workouts as they can take in or absorb the most shock that can cause slipping.

Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Yoga Mats

Some mistakes you should avoid while buying yourself a yoga mat.

  • Avoid choosing cheap quality yoga mats as their material does not provide the comfort you need during the sessions.
  • Do not choose the floor mat for doing yoga as it does not have a non-slip surface.
  • Choose a mat with straps that can be taken to the classes.
  • The four millimeters mat is the best-recommended mat for doing yoga. But always keep in mind the comfort and thickness which is right and perfect for you.

Target The Pilates Mats For Yoga

Target Pilates mats are designed with thickness to be used in the practice of the Pilates methods which is a combination of dance and yoga and generally practiced on the floor.

The yoga poses have alternate standing, lying, and sitting postures and so a thinner mat is generally preferred by yoga enthusiasts. But choosing a mat made of comfortable material is important as most of the mats are made of polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC) which is considered a toxic material.

Is There Any Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Yoga Mats?

There are some differences between the two but mostly the differences lie in the materials that are used to make the mats.

  • The low-end yoga mats or the cheaper ones are made of PVC which can cause problems down the road as they are highly toxic plastic and are very difficult to recycle.
  • So you may end up with a pile of these mats. The high-end yoga mats are eco-friendly and can be recycled.
  • The cheaper yoga mats are not so sticky but they are quite slippery which sometimes may lead to injuries. So one of the biggest draws of getting a good quality yoga mat is its stickiness.
  • The high-end mats are more durable than the cheaper ones as they are built to undergo more heavy use. The amply cushioned feature is just perfect to endure heavy sessions.

Why Yoga Mats Are Necessary?

The early yogis were not so much aware of the necessity of the yoga mats. Here is why you should always use one yoga mat.

  • The anti-slipping nature helps the practitioner to hold tight and strong to the postures. It always guarantees a better grip.
  • It also grants a particular place to practice yoga so that it becomes harder for the practitioner to drift apart from the yoga regime.
  • It reduces the chances of injuries to a minimum and also keeps the dust and grasses away from the practitioner.

To Wrap It

Using a yoga mat is highly recommended for a perfect posture and a healthy yoga session. It also helps beginners to have a good start with proper focus and helps in learning how to meditate better.

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