Knee Pad For Yoga : Great companion to enjoy pain-free yoga

While yoga is a form of exercise that soothes, calms and gives you emotional, mental and physical relax at times it can also be painful and strenuous on your knees, elbows and joints if you do not have the proper gears.  Is your old yoga mat making your body sorer? Knee Pad For Yoga

 Do you need any extra support? Knee pad may be the thing which one you are looking for.

Knee pads having different textures and thickness:

The texture of a knee pad will concern how it feels against your knees while used during yoga sessions. Bumpy textured knee pads are not actually advisable for the individuals having sensitive skin; though this kind of texture will help you to prevent from sliding and slipping no matter how sweaty you are. 

The knee pads having 4–5-inch thickness will be able to provide support and comfort mostly when you are doing outdoor yoga session. It also protects the knees from pebbles and rocks from poking your knees.

Do knee pads work?

As the basic shielding measures, your knee pads will protect the health of your knees; prevent them from getting hurt as much as possible. You can even look forward to that heavy duty knee pad for absorbing the impact and force if your vulnerable parts get a blow or fall accidentally. 

This protective item can noticeably reduce the resulting impact of blow on your body parts, thus preventing you to deal with a severe injury.

Keeping in mind the safety and comfort, we are sharing some important point to keep handy while selecting the best knee pads for yourself.


  • Checking the size guide and measurement (length x breadth x height)
  • Check knee-pad material
  • Fittings and design
  • Brand image
  • Price of the product
  • Warranty of the product
  • Customer rating or review
  • How to maintain the product  

Keeping in mind the above points, we are certain that you must be wanting to know What are the most comfortable knee pads?

Afterall, comfort is the major aspect to consider while looking for the best knee pads in the market. 

Hence, we would like to highlight that Knee pads are specifically designed to be thick to provide the extra-cushioning to your knees from straining your knee joints. 

If you want to buy knee pads for yourself you will find countless options to choose from and for that you may get confused .To help you out in searching, we have brought together the best products which are currently available in the market.


Pro-tec knee pad (Athletics X-Trac Knee Support – Dual Strap)

Knee Pad For Yoga
Knee Pad For Yoga
  • Material: D30 foam for leading impact in absorption and thinner and flexible pad
  • Manufactured in: USA and Imported
  • Size: Available in Large and Medium sizes

Key features:   

  • Premium quality material
  • Enhances durability
  • Extra protection
  • Durable
  • Extraordinary shaped
  • Stabilizes patellar movement
  • Perfect thickness; no more uneasiness
  • USED BY ATHLETES: X-shaped wrap of this knee pad gives the ultimate comfort. It also applies compression above and below knees.
  • PORTABLE, EASY TO CARRY:  Premium quality soft and flexible knee pad can be carried anywhere you are travelling.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION FOR ATHLETES: It stabilizes and improves patellar movement. It also gives the support in recovery from quadriceps tendonitis and patellar tracking disorders which may cause patella femoral pain and chondromalacia.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This knee pad gives 10 days return policy if you don’t like the product at all. You will get 100% refund after returning the item. So, it is absolutely safe to buy this amazing knee pad. 

Sukhamat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion (Yoga Knee pad)

Knee Pad For Yoga
Knee Pad For Yoga
  • Material: High-Density NBR Foam ( 100% )
  • Manufactured in: USA and Imported
  • Size: 25″ W x 11″ L
  • Thickness: 15mm 

Key features:   

  • Extra cushioning that you are looking for
  • More healing, less hurting
  • Portable protection
  • Durable
  • .Perfectly light weighted
  • Provide secured and soft surface for your joint
  • Having ideal thickness without sacrificing balance and safety
  • Can be used as yoga mat extension
  • Used by studio owners:  We have got a lot of remarkable feedback from the professional yoga studio owners across the country. They also confirmed that many students who are suffering from wrist and knee issues; this is the perfect solution for them.
  • PORTABLE, EASY TO CARRY: No longer will you need to try awkwardly folding over your yoga mat for that desperately needed extra cushioning. Not only will it give secure and soft surface for your knee joints, it can also be used as mat extension. Our yoga knee pad fits very easily into your yoga accessory bag; it is portable and easy to carry.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This knee pad has been developed and designed in USA for ultimate stability, protection and comfort. Do not waste your money in low quality knee pads. Sukhamat yoga knee pads give you 100% money refund if you are not liking it , guaranteed for a life time.

Heathyoga Knee Pad (Yoga Knee pad)

Knee Pad For Yoga
Knee Pad For Yoga
  • Material: Biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and latex-free foam (TPE material)
  • Manufactured in:  Imported
  • Size: 26’’ L x 10’’ B
  • Thickness: 12mm

Key features: 

  • Certified phthalates free
  • NBR open cell structure
  • Perfectly ideal for ground-based exercise, Yoga and Pilates 
  • Yoga mat extender to increase the length of your mat 
  • Used as a head rest during Savasana
  • Includes carrying strap which can be rolled up with your yoga mat
  • CLEANING METHOD: Heathyoga advanced foam will not readily absorb any liquid or sweat, and you can easily clean it up with a damp cloth after your yoga session.
  • PORTABLE, EASY TO CARRY: This is ideal for yoga while you are travelling since it is portable. It comes in small size and lightweight. It comes with a FREE Carry Strap which makes this pad just right travelling companion!
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This yoga knee pad also gives 100% money back if you are returning the item. You just send us an email or you call us for return or refund.

Which one is the most suitable for you?If you want to invest your money in a comfortable yoga mat then ‘Sukhamat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion’ is the best choice for you. If you are an athelete then ‘Pro-tec knee pad’ is the knee pad that you can opt for. This is the right time to invest in a suitable  knee pad if you are an athlete or yoga-pro.

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