How to use a D-Ring yoga strap for a productive yoga routine every day

Yoga enthusiasts use so many props and tools to try different and new postures while doing yoga. The accessories help extend the stretches and increase the movements if you are doing your yoga practice under the trainers you might have seen that at times they pass some long nylon straps with D rings to you or other students. 


A D-ring yoga strap is nothing to scare you. Instead, it is helpful to make your yoga practice more comfortable. It can also help you to achieve more alignment while making your postures right. Thus, if you haven’t tried this yoga strap yet, proudly reach for one in the next time you get an opportunity. 


The D-ring yoga straps are generally undone, and you need to prepare them to use it during yoga practice. The strap holds typically two D rings at both the needs of the belt. You can adjust the loop size according to your requirements and flexibility of use. The preparation technique is essential to make the ring comfortable to use for you. 


There are different types of yoga straps with loops available for different types of yoga. The straps become more useful, while the difficulty level of the yoga increases. When one tries to hold the yoga strap and stretch, it longer more challenging yoga poses can be obtained and achieved. So, if you consider the D-rings to be a rewarding device, then you are no wrong. 


As we are discussing since the starting of the articles that yoga straps are used for trying different and challenging postures quickly, the primary purpose remains the same.

The yoga straps are specially for beginners who are starting their yoga practice without experiencing much pain. Apart from increasing the fitness abilities, the straps can also help you to prevent injuries during the exercise.

The D-ring yoga stretching bands are used so that you can try a wide range of motions. Not only this, people who try to stretch their legs while sitting can also get benefitted from the straps. 

It is called a D ring as there are D shaped metal rings at the end of the straps. Once the buckles are adjusted, commonly one can achieve a length up to 6 feet. You can also adjust the length of the strap according to your preferences. The way the user can increase flexibility and decrease tension while using the D-ring strap. 


You can decide the benefits of the yoga strap once you get to know where and how you can use the D-ring yoga strap. First of all, this yoga strap helps you to keep your back flat while doing the yoga poses as you know that postures and alignments are the most critical factors of any yoga practice. Being sloppy while trying any yoga pose is not at all a good idea. 

You can wrap the flexible strap around your feet and pull back on the strap to keep your back flat and aligned during the yoga practice. If you want your regular yoga practice t to be a little rigorous, you can continue using the D-ring strap.  Beware and give your body extra length to prevent any injuries during the yoga practice. 

You can achieve extra and comfortable stretch by using the strap, instead of freehand yoga practice. It also helps your hands to be in the proper distance while practicing specific yoga poses. 


If you think that there is only one type of D-ring strap available in the market, then you are wrong. You can even choose the straps according to the length of the strap. Generally, 6’, 8’ and 10’ are the most popular strap types available.

There are a variety of colors available you can choose from. The D-ring yoga straps are made of cotton or hemp. If you ask us to suggest you the best buy, then do know that 6’ yoga strap length is enough for all your yoga needs. But if you are very tall and want to try the most challenging yoga poses, then10’ will give you more space to play with.

8’ is precisely in the middle of both the lengths. 


Well, as we have discussed earlier that this D-ring yoga strap is helpful for all of you who are practicing yoga and looking forward to trying challenging yoga poses easily and comfortably. But the usage flexibility also differs according to the level of your yoga practice. 

Then you need to know how you must use the yoga strap based on the level of your yoga practice.

  • For the beginners: If you are a beginner at your yoga strap exercises and trying to become creative with your yoga strap, then you can choose to try the dancer poses or to deepen your backbends. If you want to do a seated forward fold, you can loop the strap around the arch of your front foot. You can also make a loop around your elbows to strengthen your forearm.
  • For the Seasoned Ones: You can try backbend yoga strap poses while standing. You and your friend can do this yoga pose together as well. The first thing you need to do is to standing facing each other. The supporting partner will make a loop using the strap around the receiving partner before she bends back to the full position. The supporting partner can completely unloop the strap once the receiving partner is completely back bent. The strap than can be looped around the chest of the receiving partner. This way, both the partners can help each other to increase the flexibility of the chest and spine.
  • Does restorative Yoga pose with the strap: Have you heard of bound angle pose? It is the hip-opening pose to relax into the strap. You need to sit down and place the strap around g your hip bone while buckling up one end of the strap with the buckle. The other looped side of the strap can be put around your feet.


The D-ring yoga strap is going to be your true companion to the yoga practice. But that is not enough to own when you are a beginner to yoga. You need to choose the one which suits all your requirements. Here are some of the D ring yoga straps that you might need from the first day of your yoga practice.

Tumaz Yoga Strap

You can start your yoga, workout and stretching practice with this D ring buckle yoga strap. The brand has the availability of three different sizes including 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet and you can choose the one according to your height.

Tumaz Yoga Strap

There are multiple colors available for this yoga strap, and they all have eco-friendly dyeing. It has 4 mm welded buckles which are also 2.5 mm thick. 

This yoga strap can bear up to the 2379 lbs of load and thus is good for rigorous use. This yoga strap brand is also known for being super sturdy and almost 60% thicker than other yoga strap brands.

Reehut Yoga strap

This is another supportive yoga strap with durable polyester cotton material, which can help you to open up your stretches.

Reehut Yoga strap

The available sizes of this strap are similar to other yoga straps and help to keep the balance. The polyester cotton material of this strap doesn’t rub harshly to your skin, and it also doesn’t lose its shape for being very durable.

The yoga strap helps to protect your hands from all, possible injuries and you can carry it easily anywhere. You can adjust the buckle as per the tour requirement and is appropriate for your regular yoga practice and therapies. You can reach hard yoga poses quickly with this yoga strap. 

Stretch Band with adjustable D Ring Buckle

Whether you are looking for something to be a perfect Christmas gift to someone else or for your self, which you can carry everywhere during your yoga or workout practices, then you can blindly go for this D ring yoga strap.

Stretch Band with adjustable D Ring Buckle

This is made of cotton and polyester fibers and is extremely skin-friendly. You can choose the color according to your mood and can make your yoga practice colorful.

Yansyi Yoga Strap

If you want to own a creative and hand-printed yoga strap that can reflect the artistic mind in you, go for this one. Talented artists design the modern and contemporary pattern on this yoga strap.

Yansyi Yoga Strap

The fabric is soft and skin-friendly and no harmful substances have been used during the making of this yoga strap.

This is adjustable, durable and strong and you can find this as you want it to. You can also adjust the loop according to the yoga pose you are practicing and its requirements. 


Hope, you have understood that many things can be done with the D-ring strap. You can buy them from online stores like Amazon while reading the yoga strap review there and can also get numerous options to choose from. Be very specific about the requirements you have and buy the one that fits all your needs. 

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