Enema Kit: The Safe Way To Your Relief How Do They Work And Their Possible Benefits And Where To Buy

Our bowel system is quite an unreliable process in the human body. We can only control it as far as our eating habits go. Beyond such, our digestive tracts and the organs engaged in a bowel procedure must function accordingly to produce healthy excretion.

You must be tired of being recommended the same medications for your improper bowel. Well, there are multiple ways of stimulating our bowel system. They are both scientifically proven and commonly prescribed. The enema kit is one such tool, which is different from your average stimulating pill and works efficiently.

What Is An Enema Kit?

An enema kit works on a fairly easy mechanism. It consists of a bag to contain the fluid and a tube that is narrow enough to insert in the anus. It lastly consists of a cleansing solution, that cleanses the liquid.

Benefits Of An Enema Kit – Are They Useful?

steel enema kit
stainless steel enema kit
enema kit

Enema kits are based on simple disposal procedures, but do they actually work? It’s a common practice that doctors carry out at their chambers. Owing to its easy use, it can also be done at home.

When Can I Use An Enema Kit?

The handiness of an enema kit can be beneficial to patients for the following causes :

  • A great measure of preparation, before examinations like –
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • An efficient treatment to relieve constipation and fecal impaction.

When To Not Use An Enema kit?

This also becomes a counter problem. Beware that the patient is not actually going through an ongoing constipation treatment procedure. The intestine at work may be inflicted with a dangerous class of bacteria.

Is It Safe To Do Enema At Home?

Enema Kits are absolutely safe to carry out at home. It’s easy to learn to use it on a constipated patient.

However, there are certain things to take into consideration while using an enema kit by yourself.

  • Make sure the patient is flexible enough to reach behind himself, if it is to be done self-treating ly.
  • Assistance – if the patient is devoid of the ability to carry out such motions, make sure there is an outside help to assist the patient on the act.
  • Be cautious of the amount of cleansing liquid you put on the rectum. Do not think more would be better, because when the amount gets overridden, it may flow past the rectum and reach into unprecedented areas of the colon.
  • Further, this excessive dissention of the colon leads to bowel perforation, which is serious and sometimes goes unnoticed.
how to use enema kit
how to use enema kit

How Long Does It Take For An Enema To Work?

There is always an urgency in our expectations of enema kits to work. While they are handy and easygoing, one should be careful while using them and patient for their results. Doctors are frequently faced with the following queries –

How Long Shall I Hold The Enema In?

Initially, hold in the liquid for 5-10 minutes for the liquid to comfortably start its course after insertion. The fluid inserted inside the rectum can take as much as 30 minutes or more even after you are well clothed and doing your daily activities for the day.

Does Enema Kit Make You Poop Immediately?

A question that arises in all the patient’s minds, the answer to which doctors have agreed to disagree. After insertion, the fluid takes time to carefully cleanse your colon. Be patient and your body will slowly get rid of the loose disposal present in your infected bowel.

Enema Kit Procedure – How To Use An Enema Kit?

If you opt for using an enema kit at home, it is essential you know how to use it exactly. Follow the instructions for a better understanding :

  1. Ensure Privacy – For your own mental comfort , opt for a quiet place where no one is around so you can perform the procedure without interruptions and not freeze out.
  2. The initial work– Peel off the cap from the tip of the narrow tube to get ready for your procedure.In the meantime apply some petroleum jelly or semi solid lotion to the anus to work as a lubricant , for easy insertion.
  3. Get in a comfortable position with a towel in hand , and carry out the insertion gently into the rectum. Be careful ,and do not fasten the process or you may injure your skin.
  4. Keep a clock or a timer near you to account for the recommended time of waiting , after you withdraw the tube with the completion of insertion.
  5. Be in a place where a washroom is close to you. In case of emergencies, you can use it without a hurry or added havoc.
  6. It is recommended to wait an hour after your bowel movement, and check if there is any additional pain you feel. Seek doctoral help if you do.

The fluid that is inserted into your body should be of optimum temperature and density. Make sure that –

  1. The density and the amount of liquid induced is not more than the recommended dosage
  2. The liquid should neither be too hot , nor too cold. This is because your body , especially your digestive and bowel assisting organs are only workable at your usual body temperature.
Benefits Of An Emema Kit
Benefits Of An Emema Kit

Additional Things To Keep In Mind :

  1. Pay close attention to the type of brand you are using for your enema kit. It is advisable to follow exactly as the doctor recommends.
  2. If your bowel movements worsen , you feel pain , or you see that it is not working in your favour , after observation for a couple of days, do not hesitate to consult more serious medical help.
  3. Make sure the kit is maintained in optimum hygiene , unused , and sealed , while you buy it.Similarly , throw away the nozzle in a syringe disposal bag , immediately after use, to avoid any reuse.

Other Forms Of Liquid To Use As An Enema

People also prefer household liquids available to the enema liquid given with the kit. They mix the following things with water to make for the fluid :

  • Castile soap or any natural hard soap – Soap has chemicals that retrieve response from your bowels. The irritation eventually results in a bowel movement. Dish washing soaps can also be used here.
  • Iodized salt
  • Mineral oil
  • Sodium butyrate

Do not use them in place of laxatives, before consulting a doctor. Sel-treatment is never an option when your health is in serious question.

Where To Buy Best Enema Kit

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