Eagle Yoga And Its Benefits

It is that time of the year when we have started to be conscious about our own being. Choosing the vegan route will not cut it if you do not shed out the extra calories you make while making those guilty trips that you make to your nearer cafe or bakery. Many choose to run in the morning to stay healthy, many choose to do yoga. 

Yoga is one of those things which is considered to be a miracle as yoga is the cure to any illness that your falling age may pose. It is the answer to that every question that is lingering on your heart. There are many yoga poses and each yoga pose has many beneficial properties that tend to our health differently. 

It soothes different parts of our body and heals it from the inside. In this article, we will talk about a specific pose, that is known as the eagle pose yoga and everything that there is to know about it. Let us start. 

How to do eagle yoga: 

The pose may seem a bit tough to achieve but if you know the technicality of the yoga and had someone to guide you through each and every step easily then you might just do it. We are here to help you achieve this particular goal as we will guide you step by step not mastering this eagle pose. 

  1. Stand in the mountain pose known as tadasana, the feet should be separated hip distance and should be parallel. You have to now zone in firmly through each corner of the toe. 
  2. You have to make sure that you shift your weight fully on the left leg. While doing it, make sure you bend both the knees slightly. It is at this moment you have to take your right leg higher and twist it across your left leg by crossing the thighs over the left leg. 
  3. Make sure the toe is pointed down and move the right leg around the calf of the left leg while maintaining balance. You have to sink your hip a bit lower while maintaining a static breath. 
  4. Stretch your hand in front of you then cross your left arm on top of your right-hand meanwhile bending your elbow so that your palms touch and does a ‘namaste’ but only the palm should be backward. 
  5. Lift your elbows so that it makes a 90° angle. Make sure it is perpendicularly raised. 
  6. Keep your back and hip straight and maintain to keep your shoulder totally straight and strong. Remain in this pose for 5 minutes while focusing on a fixed thing so that your concentration doesn’t break. Maintain slow breathing. 

Tips to keep in mind while you do eagle yoga: 

Sometimes yoga consists of very tricky moves in which you have to be totally aware of the steps. Some yogas are very easy but some like standing eagle pose is a very tough one. Here are some tips to keep you updated. 

  • If you bend your knee properly while twisting the right leg on your left then it will create more space and hold between your leg which will make it easier to clasp around. If your right leg is not wrapped around your left leg then it will be a big problem to keep the balance. 
  • Many times the palm doesn’t come together. If that happens then just take hold of the opposite shoulder or keep the backs of the palms together. 
  • If standing altogether feels very much tough then worry not. Try to bend yourself a bit. Try to bend the elbow towards your knees in order to compress your body. In that way, you can maintain the structure of the pose. 

Benefits of eagle pose: 

Yoga is altogether an exercise that cleanses your body inside out. Here are some magical benefits of doing eagle pose yoga. 

  1. Doing eagle yoga improves breathing problems. Those who have problems related to asthma can surely try eagle pose. 
  2. Those who have back pains can surely do this. It will reduce the back pains 
  3. Those who have a problem relating to Sciatica should also do this particular yoga.
  4. It stretches and strengthens the calf of the person performing the yoga. 
  5. Improves the balance of the body. 
  6. When one does the eagle pose yoga, one learns to concentrate and it becomes stronger. 
  7. By performing eagle arms yoga, you will have stronger shoulders. 

Cautions that you have to know: 

There are multiple cautions that you should keep in mind. 

  1. If you have back pain or leg pain, don’t do it. 
  2. If you have any injury on your calf or knees, avoid this yoga. 

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