About US


Yoginomics is a business resource for trainee and newly qualified yoga teachers. We support new teachers as they find their way into yoga professionally, and provide information and inspiration to help them develop their careers.


Thomas is an experienced yoga teacher . He has been teaching yoga for 5 years. While providing tips and techniques to his offline students he thought to assist the online people out there.


We believe that yoga teachers deserve more business-oriented input. We want to make it easier for teachers to thrive and share what they love. We want to support the growth of opportunity within the yoga industry.

Not everybody who becomes a yoga teacher will have had previous business experience, and even then making yoga your profession holds a particular set of challenges.

That’s why we are here. We know that you need resources and information. We know that you need ideas and guidance. And sometimes, you just need to be connected to someone with more business experience.

Becoming a successful yoga teacher just got easier.


Yoginomics is the brainchild of Jules Barber, a careers consultant, headhunter, wandering entrepreneur and yoga obsessive based between London and Asia.

“I started doing yoga before I knew anything about business, some 15 years ago. My love affair with it has brought me into contact with an awesome network of yogis, teachers, gurus, and studios.

Simultaneously, by the time I did my first teacher training in 2012 I’d been an employee, manager, founder and freelance consultant across a number of different organizations. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and small businesses, and I’ve seen how to do it – and how not to.”

Bound by a love of yoga and business Jules and her team are making it their mission to motivate and guide a new generation of commercially aware and successful yoga teachers.